San Camp is situated on the edge of the vast Makgadikgadi Salt Pan, and offers comfortable and elegant accommodation in spacious white canvas tents, the Camp is furnished in a traditional East African 40s safari style.

Authentic, but comfortable and stylish, including many thoughtful and unique details…. Roomy, classically styled tents with private bucket showers and long drop loos create an oasis of civilisation in what can be the harshest of stark environments.

The Makgadikgadi is also one of the most important wetland sites remaining in Africa. In the wet season (November – March), the Makgadikgadi’s Pans fill with water attracting flocks of flamingo and other migratory birds. The area is also the only place in Southern Africa where one is able to see a migration of tens of thousands of wildebeest and zebra followed by predators.

Although migrations do occur elsewhere in Botswana, the tree cover prohibits a view of the magnitude that we are able to see due to the exposed nature of the surrounding grasslands.

San Camp is a complete desert experience focusing on species unique to the area such as gemsbok, brown hyena and springbok, as well as the geology, archaeology and anthropology of the Kalahari and Makgadikgadi.

Many of the guides are fully qualified Zoologists/Geologists, often working on PhD research. As such, they are most able to convey all the nuances of the desert and the adaptations of its inhabitants which we consider to be one of the most interesting features of the environment.

When the Pans are dry (April to October), to travel where conventional vehicles cannot, and to guard against scarring the Pan’s crust, four wheeled quad motorbikes are used – a unique way of going ‘on safari’ and enormous fun!.

Venturing far into the middle of the Pans, you are able to explore remote archaeological sites, periodically discovering sites never before documented such as fossil beds of extinct giant zebra and hippo.

Activities offered include:

– Extensive usage of 4WD quad bikes
– Explore undocumented archaeological sites and discover early hominid settlements
– Night drives to view unique desert wildlife (brown hyena, aardvark,aardwolf etc)
– Game walks with Bushman trackers to observe desert wildlife(gemsbuck, suricate/meerkat, springbuck)
– Visit the historical baobabs (the campsites of Livingstone, Selous and Baines)
– Fly Camp (weather permitting) to Kubu Falcon with bikes for 5 night trips of four Guests and more